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posted Jun 10

what good is power, if you cannot protect the ones you love?

                       w e   c a n   a v e n g e   t h e m .


I would return the slap, if I took you for a man

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(◕‿‿◕✿◕✿)(◕‿◕✿) FIRI IEDNYL (◕‿◕✿) (◕‿‿◕✿FR‿◕✿IEN ◕DLY ✿) REMINDER FRIENDLY (◕‿◕✿) reminder freminder that FRIENDLY REMINder friend ly re mider that it’s okay to ‿◕✿ friend


Gemy Maalouf 2014 Spring Evening Collection

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The monster parents tell their children about at night

expectation vs. reality




Zuhair Murad - Fall Winter 2013 2014


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